We are an acoustic duo with an eclectic style of music. It’s impossible to place our music in any one genre. The two of us have been in and out of the music scene for several decades and finally found ourselves. We do a wide variety of music, both originals and covers that are guaranteed to make you smile and sing along.

Life is an adventure. Live it that way.

If you are interested in booking us, simply give us a call or message us on Facebook or via E-mail!


Authentic music at your finger tips, a wicked collection of sounds, Doug & Christine generate a big voice that moves you, & Christine offers really great vibey voice that can add something special to Doug’s piece of music. Don’t miss this Duo when they come to a venue near you! You’ll love it” – Beth Pilkington LaFata – MsBeth Live Music

If You Could Fly is a great song. A lot of fun! Doug and Christine have had music on The Howl for sometime now. Although music by Doug and Christine is already getting the requests, I would like to put the spotlight on Doug and Christine now, to show them some support as we anxiously await news of a CD release.” – Wolfhowls Radio

Jamming out to “See the Sound” ~ great creativity on this! Keep up the great work!” – Jessica Brown – Songwriter

Impressive how the same piano stroke can communicate so much, you got me interested into song straight away! Singer has a stunning voice, with a very distinctive quality to it, most famous singers would kill to sing like this lady, AMAZING! what a way as well to be able to communicate lyrics content. Loved solo duet guitar! I believe you have a hit here, recommend, buy cd, and definitely go and see their gig, perfection!” (All The Same) – S.O.

The vocals convey a mystical, almost dreamlike state, and it goes together beautifully with the music. It kind of has that nice smoky bar feel to it. The melodies are distinct. The vibe of their music is really different to what you hear in the charts and on TV. Different is a good thing. Intriguing.” – VA